Meet The Executive Team

The Tower Group, Inc. offers dynamic opportunities for elite investor groups. Our management team identifies and capitalizes on exceptional property investment opportunities.

John C. Zouzelka,

John Zouzelka is a successful entrepreneur and real estate expert. He began his real estate career in Toronto in 1967. John subsequently built several highly successful companies in Toronto. In 1978, John moved to Dallas where he joined the Wycliffe International Group. With Wycliffe, John assembled investors from Canada, Europe and the United Sates to take advantage of land development and construction opportunities in a fast-growing city. Wycliffe was so successful that it led to a major expansion and, ultimately, the formation of Triland International, Inc in 1981.

Triland International, Inc. became an award-winning developer of large, master-planned communities in Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Austin, and Toronto. Triland completed over $4 billion worth of high profile, high-quality developments as joint ventures. During this time, John fine-tuned his ability to assess the development potential of real estate and find suitable investors as joint venture partners. Triland is particularly proud of its joint venture relationships in several high profile Master Planned developments with Olympia and York Developments of Toronto.

In 1979, John formed the family-owned business, The Tower Group, Inc., to focus on the high-end, super-luxury market segment of land development and master-planned mixed-use communities. These market segments have proven to be lucrative and generated huge returns for The Tower Group, Inc., and its investors. Capitalizing on recent successes, John continues to develop master-planned communities and prime commercial real estate properties.

Roque Saco-vertiz,
Vice President

After graduating from Southern Methodist University with degrees in Computer Science, Business, and Mathematics, Roque began his professional career with the Weitzman Group, one of Dallas’ largest real estate brokerages, as a Managing Information Systems (MIS) Analyst. After leaving the Weitzman Group in 1989, Roque joined The Tower Group, Inc.

As Vice President of The Tower Group, Roque is responsible for all corporate and strategic planning, budgetary controls and monitoring, and corporate and joint venture documentation for the Company. He has been instrumental in the creation and management of all company projects, working to ensure that they are thoroughly researched and proven financially feasible before commitment. Under his leadership, the experienced staff of The The Tower Group has excelled in adding value to all of its projects.

Brian Shibley,
Investor Relations

Brian Shibley is a successful real estate investor, developer and financier. He has concentrated the majority of his career in real estate business; working throughout North America and the Caribbean.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, Brian moved to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, BVI. where he designed and built homes, condominiums, hotels and casinos. During his time at the Turks & Caicos, he purchased and developed several sites including a condominium resort project on the renowned Grace Bay.

After several years in the Caribbean he moved to Dallas Texas where Brian established his own real estate company and partnered with The Tower Group. He began buying and selling raw land for residential, commercial and hotel developments. His passion for hockey; inspired him to design and build the first hockey arena in Dallas as part of the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame corridor. Ten years later he sold the facility to the Dallas Stars. He was also involved in the initial design, logistics and promotion of building the Motor Car Speedway/Country Club.

For the last ten years, while continuing in the real estate business, he has been involved as CEO of a family owned underground utility company. His innate business and financial sense have empowered Brian to negotiate major contracts, manage teams handling multimillion dollar operating budgets, and generate million of dollar in sales. Having recently sold this business, Brian has returned to head up the Tower Group's, international investments, with an emphasis on resort developments in Dubai, and Asia.

Brian has vast experience in building hotels especially on beach fronted-sites and is often sought to consult by other developers on complex hotels, structures and developments.